The Students Third Cohort

Yaron is an expert and supervising clinical psychologist, expert occupational psychologist. Graduated from the School of Psychotherapy, Faculty of Medicine, Technion. Graduated from the advanced program in psychotherapy “Psychology of the Self and the Therapeutic Act”, Tel Aviv University. He specialized in the preschool clinic in Ashdod, and in kindergartens for children on the autistic spectrum on behalf of the “Association for Children at Risk”. Worked as a psychologist in the child and adolescent clinic at the “Abarbanal” medical center. Coordinated professional teams of therapists, guided psychology interns, psychiatry interns, and art therapy students. Participated in a project on behalf of the association “Lechol Nefesh” for intensive and long-term psychoanalytic psychotherapy in public clinics. Working with youth and adults in a private clinic in Tel Aviv.

Rehabilitative Psychologist, M.A, and psychotherapist. A graduate of the Three year training program in Self-Psychology. Member of the Israel Association for self psychology and study of subjectivity. Formerly have worked at the Weinberg child development center, Sheba and at the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Schneider Medical Center. Private practice for children, adolescents and adults in Tel Aviv.

Clinical social worker (MSW) and psychotherapist. Graduated from the psychotherapy program at Winikot Center, with a focus on psychoanalysis. In addition, completed a two-year training program for group facilitation at Tel Aviv University. He holds an MBA in business administration focusing on psychological aspects of management and business, from the College of Management Academic Studies (COLMAN). Member of the Israeli Association for Self Psychology and the Study of Subjectivity. Worked as a therapist throughout the years in several public clinics, such as the Tel Aviv LGBTQ Center, Yaffo Community Mental Health Center for dual diagnoses, and the Defense Ministry Clinic for Post Trauma and the Addiction Clinic in the psychiatric department in Tel Hashomer Hospital, and the municipal unit for drug addicts in Tel Aviv-Yaffo. Today he works in a private clinic in Tel Aviv as a therapist and an instructor.

Social Worker (MSW) and Psychotherapist. Graduate of the three-year training program for the study of self psychology. Specialising in the field of addictions and trauma. Member of the Israeli Association for Self Psychology and the Study of Subjectivity. Private practice in Gan Hashomron.

Ph.D, Expert Clinical Psychologist and Supervisor. Graduated and Supervisor in the psychoanalytic Psychotherapy program of Continuing Medical Studies at Tel Aviv University. Formerly a coordinator of the Community Psychotherapy Clinic at Bar Ilan Univerity. Former head psychologist, ‘Beeri’ Mental Health Center, Clalit Health Services. Adults and couples psychotherapy and professional supervising in private practice, Tel Aviv

Clinical social worker, psychotherapist. Graduate of psychotherapy programs studies – the Psychoanalytic Society in Israel, the psychotherapy program of the Israeli Association of Self Psychology, and the “Therapeutic Act” program of the Psychoanalytic Society in Jerusalem. Graduated from the Wilderness therapy program, Eco encounter in the kibbutzim seminar and taught in this program She worked for many years at the former Bnei Brit children’s home, now called “The Jerusalem Mountains Childrens Home”, initially as a social worker accompanying a group, part of the child care and guidance team, and later as the director of the social service at the children’s home, part of the institution’s management. Worked in projects with the DIR approach – parent-child work with children diagnosed on the autistic spectrum. These projects included work inside the kindergarten and in an external .framework accompanied. Currently, she meet adults, young adults and teenagers in a private practice and is an instructor in the psychotherapy program of the Kessel Center – on behalf of the Jerusalem Mountains Children’s Home. In addition, accompanies teams from out-of-home settings for teenagers in training and guidance – My lighthouse, My teachers My daughters and son and My patients

Mirit holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences, as well as both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Social Work. She is a clinical, community social worker and an activist. Mirit graduated from the Associates program at Alma College for Hebrew Culture and from the East-West Psychotherapy program at the Demot Institute. She also completed the self-psychology and therapeutic practices program at the School of Psychotherapy, under the advanced studies department at the Tel Aviv University School of Medicine. Additionally, she has been studying and practicing Buddhism for over twenty-five years. Mirit is the founding CEO and partner of the Women’s Court Association. She has been pivotal in developing a critical feminist methodology, working with young women and girls in therapeutic community settings. She has played a significant role in establishing and leading a forum for youth organizations. Mirit has also been a board member of the Women for the Body Association and previously served on the board of directors for the Partners for the Journey Association. Professionally, she has been instrumental in developing innovative programs for the Ministry of Welfare, specifically targeted at young individuals facing risk and exclusion. Mirit is a lecturer, instructor, and mentor for social workers. She provides therapeutic services to youths and adults in her private clinics located in Tel Aviv and Hod Hasharon. Philosophically, she is engaged in understanding the “mystique of the concrete,” a type of mysticism that doesn’t alienate the world but rather integrates it.

Clinical social worker, graduated from a program for the study of self psychology. Member of the Israeli association for the psychology of the self. A therapist and instructor at a private clinic in Tira.

Clinical social worker instructor. Psychotherapist and candidate in Human Spirit’s psychoanalytical-Buddhist training program. Israeli and international association for the psychology of the self and the study of subjectivity. Teacher and instructor in the study programs for a clinical master’s degree at the School of Social Work, University of Haifa. Head of sector and instructor of clinical social workers in the public service. Graduated from the ‘Four-year training program for the study of self-psychology’, the ‘Self-psychology and the therapeutic act’ program as part of continuing courses of the psychotherapy program, School of Continuing Medical Studies, Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University. Therapist and instructor at a private clinic in Kiryat Ono

Clinical social worker, psychotherapist. Supervisor for psychotherapy. Graduated the three year training program in self- psychology psychotherapy. Therapist in the field of early childhood, child and youth and adults. Supervises therapists in the field of autism at the “Oti” association. Therapist in the field of trauma “Natal”. Works in a private clinic.

Dance Therapist (MDT, M.A.), member of Yahat Association, A student in the Human Spirit Psychoanalytic Buddhist Training Program, background in therapeutic management of Autistic kindergartens, individual and group supervision. Treating children, youth and adults, parental guidance.

Ph.D., Psychotherapist. A graduate of the Hermeneutics and Psychoanalysis program from Bar-Ilan University. Member of the teaching committee and faculty member in the Postgraduate Studies in ‘Self Psychology and the Therapeutic Act’ at the Tel Aviv University Medical School. Chair of the Education Committee of the International Association for Self Psychology (IAPSP). Editor of the online column ‘Voices from the Mideast’ (previously ‘Voices from Israel’) in the blog of the International Association for Self Psychology (IAPSP). Maintains a private practice in Tel Aviv.

Doctor and certified couples and family therapist and psychotherapy supervisor. Graduate of the “Road Map” psychoanalytic psychotherapy program at the Israel Winnicott Centre. Lecturer and faculty member in the School of Social Work at Bar-Ilan University. Member of the Israeli Association for Self Psychology and the Study of Subjectivity. Practices in a private clinic in Tel Aviv.