‘Human Spirit’ in the Community

A journey that begins in lod and leads to humane and psychological growth in weakened populations throughout the world.

We view the world as a shared home for all of humanity, a home that must be preserved and nurtured for future generations. Thus, the ‘Human Spirit’ initiative established its base in the city of Lod. This special location enables us to implement deep change in the local culture by integrating our program into the local community and the lives of its people.

Through our pioneering and unique model, based on array of free psychoanalytic treatments, ‘Human Spirit’ believes in alternative paths to growth for achieving radical change in the multiple national, ethnic, cultural, and religious ‘identity-communities’ within the city’s population of Lod.

Promoting women’s and men’s unique individuality together with enhancing communal responsibility for society in order to guaranty our shared future is a challenging mission.    

Our mission, therefore, requires a panoramic, interdisciplinary approach based on a theoretical infrastructure that deeply respects human nature, its evolution over time, and its crucial role in the world. 

Lod, a fascinating reflection of the multi-ethnical, multi-national, multi-cultural Israel, was chosen because it also represents the enormous Israeli challenge of realizing the latent potential of chronically traumatized populations. 

Lod, therefore, has the ability to serve as an ideal-example of psychological growth based on values of respect, fraternity, equality, devotion, gentleness, kindness, joy, tranquility, and the establishment of personal and collective civilization of ‘Human to Human – is Human’. 

The unique quality of ‘Human Spirit’s vision is that it offers change from within through integrating into the local communities that aspire for new humane-psychological growth. This ideological-strategic decision to become an organic part of the city’s developmental process conveys to the people of Lod: `Your home is our home`.

Side by side to ‘Human Spirit’ project, the Israel Association for Self-Psychology and the Study of Subjectivity has already developed in its campus – ‘Adam Campus’ – an advanced program in psychotherapy for mental health professionals, as well as training and supervision for the city’s professional agents of change in areas of education, culture, mental health, welfare and community support.

We believe that this visionary journey on which we have embarked in Lod will serve as an inspiration for the establishment of similar initiatives in many weakened communities in Israel and around the world.