For Whom the Program is Intended

The program will welcome a variety of applicants, with openness to varied sectors and populations in Israeli society 

Applicants should belong to one of the following recognized mental health professions  clinical psychology, social work, psychiatry, or to other disciplines, provided that they are officially licensed to practice psychotherapy. In addition, all applicants must have a Master’s degree and five years of clinical experience under the supervision of licensed supervising clinicians.

Belonging to the program will have to be demonstrated by active, inquisitive and creative participation in the study community – Sangha, with all participants showing responsibility and openness to the program’s democratic character, to the various points of view of fellow students and teachers, and to the learning material – so that the act of learning itself will be a constant practicing of the basic empathic stance.


  • A. The international character of the program, as well as the international backing which the program is receiving from various sources around the world, may also facilitate admission of students from other countries in the future.
  • B. Upon admission to the program students will become official members of the Israel Association for Self Psychology and the Study of Subjectivity.
  • C. Members of the Israel Association for Self Psychology and the Study of Subjectivity who are interested in mere psychoanalytic training (without Buddhist training), will be able to obtain it, based on a personalized program (as detailed in Appendix A).
  • D. The Human Spirit program will encourage the establishment of a theoretical–experiential setting within the framework of the Israel Association for Self Psychology and the Study of Subjectivity, concentrating on the subject of ‘Researching the Integration between Self Psychology and Buddhism’ – open to interested members of the Association (as detailed in Appendix B).