About the ‘Human Spirit’ Project

For the past decade, this unique project, originating in Israel, has already collaborated with other initiatives in Italy, in the United States and India:

Our enterprise is a cultural-scientific initiative that seeks to create a platform for the unique integration of a distinctly Western discipline and an ancient philosophy; between psychoanalysis – the culmination of modernity’s contribution to shaping the human psyche – and Buddhism, which invites every individual to take part in spiritual transformation.


The last generation’s development of psychoanalysis calls for the creation of an Avant guard and challenging training program which will express the meta-theoretical discoveries of analytic presence and its assimilation into the analyst’s mind.

By the end of the first decade of the 21st century, psychoanalysis seems to be in a very challenging developmental state:   While psychoanalysis, in its theoretical dimensions, has risen to new levels of understanding the human spirit and the transformative therapeutic presence it deserves, psychoanalytic training programs have not yet offered a parallel development that is consistent with the discipline’s outstanding theoretical achievements. The special affinity that Self Psychology has with Buddhism enables a response to this disparity through the psychoanalytic-Buddhist training program.

The Program’s Goal

‘Human Spirit’ training program constitutes a framework of direct experiencing of the spiritual dimension of the mind within psychoanalysis.

The program seeks to provide a direct, accurate and unique response to all issues embodied in the process of cultivating the analyst compassionate mind and transformative presence.   The program is beneficial for psychoanalysts who are immersed in the cultivation and improvement of the spiritual dimension of the mind. It emphasizes the development of a transformative, unified, and compassionate analytic presence that moves freely among the intra-personal, the inter-personal and the trans-personal dimensions of the psychoanalytic space.   In this spirit, the program is anchored both in the psychoanalytic treatment room and on its commitment to support the overall community.