This is an international visionary project to awaken the spiritual dimensions of the mind, and for generating humanistic growth of disadvantaged populations through a Psychoanalytic־Buddhist training program.

‘Human Spirit’ is a unique project – a cultural-scientific enterprise that seeks to create a platform for unprecedented cooperation between Self Psychology and Tibetan Buddhism; between a distinctly Western discipline for the treatment of the human psyche, and an ancient philosophy that invites man to undertake spiritual transformation.

We believe in the unique relationship between these disciplines and its ability to enormously expand the humanistic application of psychoanalysis. We believe that the combination of these two cultural domains can create a vibrant learning community in which psychoanalysts can cultivate the spiritual dimensions of the mind.

A Meeting Of Three Fields Of Thought

‘Human Spirit’ program is based on the merger of three fields of thought, all of which deal with the transformation of one’s mind in an attempt to establish an open and supra-personal position in relation to the world and to every human being:

Psychoanalysis through the generations, with specialization in Psychoanalytic Self Psychology founded by Heinz Kohut.

Buddhist thought and practice of the Mahayana tradition.

Humanities and the Arts, selected treasures of human civilization from Eastern and Western cultures.

Commitment To Psychological And Humane Growth In The City Of Lod

The seeds of the ‘Human Spirit’ vision were planted in the city of Lod due to our ethical-ideological decision to implement profound change in the local community, through a unique model of psychoanalytic intervention. Psychoanalytic treatments are offered to members of the community free-of-charge. These psychoanalyses aim to improve the mental health of individuals and to provide an alternative path to psychological development based on values of dignity, companionship and solidarity.

The ‘Human Spirit’ program inspires change from the inside and is committed to establishing complete integration into the city and its population. And even more than that it aims to be a model of inspiration for the foundation of similar initiatives of psychological growth and mental awakening in many weakened communities around the world that are desperately in need of revitalization of their inner humane core and potentiality.

From The ‘Adam Campus’ To International Cooperation

Although based in Israel, the ‘Human Spirit’ project has already established collaborative initiatives in Italy, the United States, and India.

On the ‘Adam Campus’, (‘Kiryat Adam’ in Hebrew, using the biblical word ‘Adam’ to create a humanistic universal connotation), the ‘Human Spirit’ project has created the facilities to provide free psychoanalytic treatments to Lod’s children, adolescents and adults from various strata of the city population.
Side by side to ‘Human Spirit’ project, the Israel Association for Self-Psychology and the Study of Subjectivity has already developed an advanced program in psychotherapy for mental health professionals, as well as training and supervision for the city’s professional agents of change in areas of education, culture, mental health, welfare and community support.

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Humanities and the Arts

Information You Should Know

The Campus

The seeds of ‘Human Spirit’s vision were planted in the city of Lod, due to our ethical-ideological decision to implement profound change within weakened communities. On the ‘Adam Campus,’ psychoanalytic treatments are offered free-of-charge.

Who is the program for?

Applicants should belong to one of the mental health professions – clinical psychology, social work, psychiatry, or to other disciplines which are officially licensed to practice psychotherapy. Applicants must have a Master’s degree and five years of clinical experience.

The Faculty

Our faculty is composed of leading professionals, in the areas of psychoanalysis, Buddhism and the Humanities and Arts. Our team members are committed to integrating Eastern and Western modes of self-analysis and transformation to promote a compassionate and wise world.


The duration of the studies in the program is seven years, and will be funded by study and research scholarships for the students. Throughout the seven years the studies will be distributed over two days per week.


The program does not charge tuition fees, rather, we provide students with a scholarship and respectable monthly stipend for the seven years throughout the duration of the program.


The vision of ‘Human Spirit’ has been made possible by a remarkably generous donation of an Israeli benefactor who initially helped get the program started and is fully supporting the vision with rare bounty for several years.

A worldwide journey for humane growth for weakened populations that starts at the city of Lod.

Human Spirit visionary enterprise has put down roots in the city of Lod, based on our ideological determination to offer an in-depth change in the life of the place, via a unique model of propagating an alternative way for novel human psychological growth, grounded in values of respect and fraternity.